Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Soon, people - soon.

We promise, the first product is coming soon. We are working on the creation of the store. We have the product in hand - and Flooz did a kick-ass job.

We must warn you though - quantities are rather limited. I expect them to sell out quickly. Mostly cause it rocks.

Check back soon for more information. The announcement will be HERE - maybe FGR also - but certaily here. So check back. Soon.

Also - be warned. It is quite possible that we will come to you and ask you for permission to use your shot for our next product. You could be famous - all in the name of a good cause. :)

Soon guys, soon.


  1. *laughing* I can only hope to be so famous :oP

  2. Man I am checking for the FGR store to open like every 5 minutes!!!