Monday, January 26, 2009

UK Charity Gals Run!!!

All - please see a notice from uber-fugger Great Danes posted to the UK FGR group...
Hey all!

First off, "Hi!" to all those I don't know. I was around at the beginning of FGR, but haven't participated in a long time. *slaps wrist*

I have a small idea - if it doesn't fly, nae worries. Just wanted to put it out there!

Basically, I know the Powers That Be are quite keen for Fuggers the world over to start doing some good stuff. The calendars, for example, were sold with the proceeds going to charity.

I was shown a flyer for a 10km run in Glasgow in May. I'm going to be training up for it myself and running with a couple girlfriends. I should mention now that the run is a woman-only run (sorry, guys. But we can always try to organize another one for both sexes if anyone is interested!).

I was thinking that if any other UK girl fuggers were interested in joining up with me for the run, we could maybe pick a charity and try to raise some money for it through personal sponsors and the like?

Here's a link to the website:

I think it would be a lot of fun, do some good, and get my arse into shape for the summer. We'd obviously get fun t-shirts made with some sort of ridiculously clever slogan involving FGR and the charity.

And obviously go to the pub after.

If you have any thoughts or questions, post here or Flickr-mail me. Have a fab day - and wish me luck in the gym this week!

As a kickoff - I will pledge 20 quid per runner to whatever charity is designated and a FGR calendar to whoever manages to raise the most for charity before the run. (yes, i realize that it will be mid year and the calendar will be half done by the time you get it, but hey its still free, right?)

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