Friday, December 26, 2008

Why we're ending FGR...

Most of you have heard by now that we'll be bringing the Flickr Version of FGR to an end.  This new blog will take the place of that madness.  Mark and I have had enough of the bullshit over there.  Too many people think that FGR is about them.  The bottom line is, it's about us.  Just us.  And maybe Bitca.  And also maybe Kat.  But that's it.  That's all we need.  Except maybe Flooz.
And Dare.

So we're ending it over there - and bringing it over here. 

We're also working on the FGRStore  (  It is not up yet, but we have a team of highly skilled web designers and graphic artists working hour after hour to get you the products you need.  We have a big surprise product coming out that will be very limitied in quantity - and sure to sell out in a day.  We have other ideas such as T-shirts and mugs and buttons which will all be available soon.

The important thing about the store is that every penny - every single penny - will be divided between our favorite charities.  

Mark's Charity of Choice is MS. 
My Charity of Choice is ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). 
These diseases have affected our loved ones and are extremely important to us.

In addition, we will be donating money from the sale of FGRStuff to Breast Cancer Research, since FGR has always taken a huge interest in breasts.

So hang in there folks - and look for the store to open in the next week or so.
Help us to help FGR make a difference.

With love of boobies, 
Auntie Clem.


  1. Could not have said it better amigo...

    This shoudl hopefully be a little easier to maintain going forward.

    And I'm MUCH excited about the new product available soon...

  2. Barks are obviously worse than bites, hearts of gold obviously

  3. When are you going to realize that it is all about me?? :)

  4. Excited to see the new shit coming down the river here...well, not shit, but you know what I mean.

    I think I should be able to petition at some point to have monies donated to colon cancer research at some point. (I'll show my boobs, fyi.)

  5. ahhhh....a mention.....I'm so....uh....PISSED OFF THAT I WAS LAST. heh
    love to the love to the lovey love

  6. awwww, I didn't know Clem... that sucks! I hope we all still stay in contact through charity. If I can help in anyway, please let me know... really? fgr for ever gone?

  7. Wonderful idea, guys! I'm with you all the way!

  8. I'm waiting on pins and needles to see what will happen next. I need to know soon as I cannot come up with any ideas on my own.
    Love, Shad

  9. Shad - Have no fear. We will still continue to find ways to make your decisions for you.

    By the way, you want a turkey and swiss sandwich for dinner, and to send $10,000 in cash to each of the asshats.

    See how easy that was?

  10. ummmm...okay, so i'm totally on board with the idea behind the blog. but my question is this: if there is no FGR on Flickr, then, by name alone, the blog doesn't make sense. how can there be an FGR blog without there being a Flickr Group Roulette that invades other groups?

    :S confused....

  11. I think I love you boys more than I already did. I didn't think it was possible!

  12. You know, I've been thinking...when you start something and open it to the public it STOPS being about you. If it was to just about you than you don't open it up to the universe. Just saying...

    And my turkey sandwich was delicious, by the way...the $10K is in the mail.

  13. Regardless of what anyone says, it's all about me. I know it. Can't tell me any different.

    Unless you tell me it's all about turtles.

    On a serious note, the charity stuff? Most excellent.

  14. are there photos involved in this blog, or did i miss the point? (wouldn't be the first time.) ;)